About me

Welcome to my blog!

My name is Michi, a cooking enthusiast who enjoys special ingredients. My background is in Japanese fare but also I invested a lot of time into cooking western food as well. I was born and raised in America where many international foods mixed and fused together. This taught me that there really are no boundaries to cooking unless you yourself perceive it to be so. In the past few years I have taken up residence in Europe where those once easily obtained articles of food and special spices are either much more difficult to buy or non existent. This has on the other hand opened up new culinary experiences not available before. Since then I have taken up an even deeper level of cooking to make many things even the basics from scratch. Going even as far as sometimes growing the type of vegetable myself. I take pleasure in finding different ways of making the same outcome or even sometimes better.


My belief about life in general is about balance. And in so it is too my belief of cooking and eating. For instance I try to buy mostly organics but there are times where it is just not possible. Or eating more fresh vegetables and incorporating them more and more into the main part of the meal yet not disavowing meat all together. I try to create many things from just the basic ingredients but in practice it is not always feasible to do so. I wish for more sustainability in our sources of ingredients, more responsibility towards environmental concerns, and better practices concerning food. So I give a good effort in doing my best for balance. I understand some people may only look for vegan recipes or some would like cheese and bacon (yum) melted over everything possible, but to me it is not balanced. So here in this blog you will find a bit of everything. Something a bit authentic and something not. Giving you options to substitute or recommending a different alternative altogether.