The name


Oishiingredients is a word combination between the romaji Oishii and ingredients.


Oishii or 美味しい (おいしい) means delicious or tastes good and is pronounced


ee(as in keep),


as all Japanese sounds, it comes to an abrupt stop at the end of a sound. As if to say shi (sounds like she) but, at the end, it comes to a halt. Where you tighten and, breath no longer flows out.

It was difficult choosing a name for a blog for me. Maybe for some it is easy but, for me it was a bit of a daunting task.Since I do lots of cooking, this would be a good name to represent my food creations and other projects. I decided on using the Japanese word for delicious since I do tend to make many Japanese or Japanese influenced dishes. Not to say that I don’t do Western or any other however, as I will and plan to do so in the future here. The other word ingredients was chosen because this is mainly a food blog and it was only natural that the focus be upon ingredients. So hopefully this name will serve me well in trying to convey the message correctly.

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